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Frequently asked questions

What do I get paid?

Artists are paid 10% of the first week sales price which is £10 per shirt. After the first week of sale the product price moves to £13 per shirt and you will receive 20% commission for every shirt sold at that price.

What kind of designs are you looking for?

We sell a wide range of pop culture and fashion t-shirts, so we open to all kinds of submissions, the more unique the design is the more we are likely to be interested in featuring the design.

What format do I have to submit the artwork?

For the initial submission a 1000 x 1000 JPEG file is fine. If we progress with the design we will email for print ready files.

How do you print the t-shirts?

We use the latest technology in direct to garment printing.

Are there any colour limitations?

All printing is done using CMYK so there are very few limitations on what colours we can print and there are no limitations on the number of colours you can use on a design.

How do I get my money?

On the last day of each calendar month you will be paid directly into your paypal account.

Can I change the price of my shirt?

No. We want to keep pricing on artist submissions standardised. For the first week the shirt is on sale it will be sold for £10 after the first week it will be sold for £13.

How do I see the sales per shirt?

Go to your designer account we will send you access to this when a design is about to go live and you will be able to see how many of each of your designs has sold.

What kind of t-shirts do you print on?

Exact 2-ply crew neck in 1x1 rib and elastane

Double topstitched hems and neck tape

Tubular construction

Single jersey, 100% Pre-shrunk ringspun cotton

Weight - 185gsm

Can anyone be a designer?

Absolutely if it’s unique and looks sharp and you can upload it as a JPEG for our review then YES!

Are there any content restrictions on designs?

We reserve the right to remove designs we feel are in either extremely poor taste or violate any copyright laws. Use your best judgment; don’t steal designs or use copyrighted trademarks and don’t be idiot. Other than that, have fun.

Who retains the rights to the designs I put on BBT Clothing and what about Exclusivity?

YOU always retain the rights to all of your work no matter what! Anything you put on BBT Clothing stays yours and there is no exclusivity.