How to Attach a Buckle to a Belt

How to Change your Style at the Click of a Buckle

Buying a belt with interchangeable buckle means that at the click of a clasp you can swap your current favourite belt buckle and change it up for something new, something that fits your outfit better or just a buckle that suits your current mood such as the latest movie or music themed buckles, or your favourite skull and crossbones metal buckle.  The process of changing your belt buckle is fairly simple; just follow the below steps to update your buckle in no time:

Get hold of your belt buckle clasp, open this and the end of the snap on belt – make sure that your belt is designed for interchangeable buckles!

Unfold your clasp and slide it onto the belt through the back side loop.

Snap your new belt clasp closed, making sure it’s attached to the buckle.  If your belt clasp isn’t a button style, then always make sure that you check the connectors are fully clasped shut on the folded belt end.

t’s important to check that your belt buckle’s loop is facing the same direction as the back side of your belt.

The proof is in the wearing – put your belt on and check to see if it’s properly assembled and looks right!  If it’s wrong, rotate your buckle and start over again.

No matter what style of buckle you choose, you can create hundreds of different looks to suit your style with an interchangeable belt.


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