Posted: Oct 16 2013
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Stark Industry T Shirt

When you think of Stark Industries, you may immediately picture its owner, 'Iron Man' Tony Stark. But, Stark Industries has a long history behind it beginning with Tony Stark's father and the founder of the corporation, Mr. Howard Stark. Put on your Stark Industry T Shirt, relax and learn a little about this multi-billion dollar company.

The History of Stark Industries

Howard Stark had the combined attributes of being both a resourceful inventor and a savvy businessman. During World War II, when he worked to establish Stark Industries as one of the country's most successful companies. Stark Industries got a military contract to build airplanes. The 100,000 planes delivered by Stark Industries to the Allies were of tremendous help in the war effort. Military contracts helped to make Stark Industries into the impressive weapons and technology company it is today. Though, eventually, Howard Stark's son, Tony, would take his father's company in a new direction. The logo on the Starks Industry T Shirt would soon become recognized worldwide.

Ownership Passes to the Son

Howard and his wife, Maria, had a young son named Tony. When Howard passed away, Tony was not old enough to take over the reins of Stark Industries. So, a man named Obadiah Stane took charge of the corporation until Tony came of age. When Tony took over, he set his sights on making the company a highly-regarded weapons manufacturer. As he gained experience in running the company, Tony explored different areas of research in the fields of aeronautics and robotics. He eventually decided to stop making weapons at Stark Industries. Stark Industries became a manufacturer of clean energy. The familiar Stark Industries logo has a habit of showing up in many places including on the Stark Industries t shirt.

Employees of Stark Industries Some of the most notable employees who work or have worked at Stark Industries include:

  • Virginia “Pepper” Potts- She served as CEO of Stark Industries. She started out as an employee in the accounting department. She once discovered a significant accounting error made by the company and was rewarded for her work by becoming Tony's personal assistant.
  • Harold “Happy” Hogan-He works for Stark Industries in the role of chauffeur and bodyguard for Tony Stark.
  • Obadiah Stane-He ran Stark Industries for Tony Stark until he could take over after learning the business. After that, Obadiah and Tony were business partners for a time.


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