Posted: Oct 09 2013
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Riddick returns for hit and miss sequel

Some 13 years after Pitch Black introduced us to Riddick - the Furyan killing machine played by Vin Diesel - and nine years since the last instalment of the series, the titular character returns once more. The movie opened on September 4 in the UK and is already doing well at the box office.

The third instalment picks up directly after the Chronicles of Riddick and sees him marooned on an inhospitable planet with a broken leg and other serious injuries. As it turns out, he was portrayed by the Necromongers after becoming their leader and left for dead. After a lengthy opening sequence which sees him recovering from his injuries whilst battling aliens and even befriending some kind of alien dog, eventually Riddick reaches a mercenary outpost and sets off a distress beacon.

Needless to say, the people who respond to this beacon are not coming to save him, but to capture him dead or alive to take the bounty on his head. This is where the movie picks up in earnest, and if you were expecting a continuation of the epic storyline of the second movie, you may well be disappointed.

However, many of the fans who gave Riddick a cult following will be happy to see the franchise returning to its roots, as this third movie is much more similar to the first than the second. True, some of the scenes are pretty ridiculous and even a little bit cheesy, but even this will be welcomed by many.

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