Posted: Oct 09 2013
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New record for US box office summer takings

Although it had already been predicted by industry experts, it is now official that this summer has seen the biggest revenue at the US box office in cinema history. The record now stands at $4.7 billion or £3 billion and is the result of many different factors such as a string of big blockbuster movies, as well as ticket price increases and simply more people going to the cinema.

Looking at the big movies which took to the silver screen this summer, it's not hard to see where all the money came from. Iron Man 3 led the way by taking almost $410 million over the summer, while Man of Steel, The Wolverine and Despicable Me 2 all contributed heavily to a very successful summer for the movie studios. Even though there were a few flops such as The Lone Ranger and After Earth, the 2013 summer box office in America was a great success.

However, the impressive box office figures were also caused in part why an average 27 cents (17p) increase in the price of a cinema ticket. Movie fans seemed to forgive this slight increase, however, and took to cinemas across America in even greater numbers than the previous year. Another factor was the increased number of movies being made available in 3D, as these often have additional premiums as well as some cinemas charging for the cost of a pair of 3D glasses.

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