Posted: Aug 16 2013
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Ron Burgundy to release autobiography before new movie this year


Fantastic news for fans ofAnchorman- before the next movie is released on December 20th, the great man himself will be releasing his autobiography in November. Catchily entitled ‘Let Me Off At The Top: My Classy Life and Other Musings’, the book promises to fill in the many diehard fans of the character about the back story of Burgundy, as well as behind the scenes secrets and stories.

Burgundy himself is being characteristically modest about the whole affair, saying that he is ‘ too close to the work to know if it is the greatest autobiography ever written’.

Known to many as lead anchor the of San Diego's Action 4 News Team, Burgundy will return with the rest of the original cast for a long anticipated follow-up to 2004’s surprise hit. As well as Will Ferrell returning to the lead role, other actors who were propelled into the comedic limelight by the movie such as Paul Rudd, Steve Carrell and David Koechner will also return.

Almost 10 years after the legend of Ron Burgundy was released and made $91 million at the box office, the plot of the new movie has been closely guarded, with only a few teasers being released by the studio and Ferrell himself. Fans of the series are expecting the sequel to be even more insane and over the top than the original, and with almost twice the budget to play with, director/writer Adam McKay will be hoping for similar success.

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