Posted: Aug 05 2013
by: Kim Kashmere

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Three new Avatar movies added to list of upcoming sequels

Some people may tell you that Hollywood has simply run out of new ideas, and if the number of upcoming sequels is anything to go by, they may just be right. The most recent additions to the long list of upcoming movie sequels are three new Avatar movies. Director James Cameron recently decided that two sequels was just not enough, and decided to add a fourth instalment. The movies are scheduled for release in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Other upcoming movie sequels to expect over the next few years include the new Star Wars films. Since Disney bought the rights to the franchise from Lucasfilm for over $4 billion, they have announced at least three new sequels with the first to be released in 2015, followed by a new film every two or three years.

Of course, any movie fan will know that there still seems to be plenty of material left in Marvel's Avengers series; both as a collective and also individual superhero spin-offs. The Avengers 2 is due out in 2015. The X-Men franchise is still going strong with X-Men: Days of Future Past coming out next year.

Other sequels to keep an eye out for are Jurassic Park IV and Transformers 4 next year, along with another Planet of the Apes movie and Expendables 3. In 2015 you can expect to see Pirates of the Caribbean 5, the next James Bond film and Mission: Impossible 5. Perhaps the most anticipated sequel of all however is Ghostbusters 3, which many believe will happen eventually.

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