Posted: Aug 05 2013
by: Kim Kashmere

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EVE online sees biggest ever space battle


EVE Online, one of the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) in the world, recently saw the largest battle in its history, with over 4000 players taking part. The battle was brought about by two of the games largest alliances coming head-to-head to fight for control of many of the game’s most valuable solar systems.

EVE Online is a hugely detailed space exploration simulation which allows players to develop technology and build fleets of spaceships. Players can go their own way, or join alliances in the hope that it will protect them from attack.

The battle was so huge that the game’s developers slowed down time itself in the virtual universe to just 10% of its normal speed in order to cope with the scale of what was happening. The two protagonists were alliances called CFC and the Test Alliance in a part of the virtual universe called 6VDT. Ultimately, CFC came out on top after six hours of fighting and the loss of just under 3000 ships.

However, this battle has real-world consequences, as the game’s in-game currency can be purchased with real money. That means that an estimated $30,000 worth of virtual technology and ships was lost in this battle. Many players will now have to re-establish themselves and their fleets of spacecraft in order to continue exploring the almost infinite virtual galaxies of the game.

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