Posted: Jul 25 2013
by: Kim Kashmere

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It's official - Batman and Superman to co-star in sequel!

Comic-Con is often the place where many of the biggest announcements in movies and TV are made, and this year was no different. Certainly the most high-profile announcement of all was the official word that Superman and Batman would be starring together on the big screen.

The meeting will take place in the Superman sequel, scheduled for 2015. Director Zack Snyder will once more be at the helm, and it was he who made the announcement on the weekend. Suffice to say, this was one of the most popular announcements of the convention, with fans of both superheroes having been clamouring for a development like this for many years.

One point that surprised many people, however, was that Snyder suggested that perhaps Batman and Superman were not to be on the same side in the new movie. He said that the two legendary figures would be ‘facing off’ suggesting that a scuffle of epic proportions may ensue. Of course, with no major plotlines having been released (or perhaps even written yet) it's hard to say exactly how the two will come together, and what the result will be.

One thing that is known at this point is that Christian Bale will not be playing the Caped Crusader. He has already ruled himself out of the role, although Henry Cavill will return.

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