Posted: Jul 22 2013
by: Kim Kashmere

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The Simpsons and Family Guy to star in combined episode

While some people may tell you that you can either be a fan of The Simpsons or a fan of Family Guy, it seems even harder than ever to make that argument anymore. That's right, the whole Simpsons family are going to be gate crashing an episode of Family Guy, putting a real stamp on a friendly rivalry which has been going on for years. This crossover is only possible due to both shows being screened on Fox.

In the show, the Griffins will be taking a road trip and unwittingly end up in Springfield, the home of The Simpsons. In classic Homer style, he seems to think that the Griffins are a family of albinos, given that they are white, as opposed to The Simpsons’ yellow. Meanwhile, Lois and Marge bond over a mutual dislike of housework, while Stewie becomes besotted with Bart and his pranks, and Meg receives somesisterly advice from Lisa.

This certainly seems like an episode worth waiting for, and unfortunately, wait you will have to as the show will not be released until autumn next year. Nevertheless, the scene is set for many classic moments such as Homer and Peter competing over which town has the better beer at its disposal  - Quahog's Pawtucket or Springfield's Duff.

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