Posted: Jul 10 2013
by: Kim Kashmere

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‘New’ Bob Marley album gets electronic twist

Take a look through the record collection of almost anyone you know, and there are certain albums you are likely to find - Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Thriller, Dark Side of the Moon. But one album you are also likely to see pop up is Legend - the Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Having sold 25 million copies globally, and still going strong, Legend is a reggae classic and you will undoubtedly know at least some of the tracks on there. However, approaching the album’s 30th anniversary, the record has been remixed with a more electronic vibe and re-released as Legend:Remixed.

The project has been a family affair, with both Stephen and Ziggy Marley playing a big part in the production. They teamed up with DJ and producer Jason Bentley and invited various DJs and electronic musicians to remix one of the tracks on the album. In case you're worried that an all-time classic has been turned into some kind of trance nightmare, the remixes are actually really quite subtle for the most part.

The idea was obviously to keep the soul and feeling of the original songs, whilst at the same time modernising the sound and introducing them to a new generation of listeners. The result is just as easy to listen to as the original, and even a little bit more chilled out in some places.

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