Posted: Jun 18 2013
by: Neal Haworth

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Black Sabbath top the charts for first time in 43 years

The Rolling Stones may be known as the eternal rockers who never get old, but Black Sabbath have just scored their first number one album in the UK for 43 years, which is no mean feat. The last time Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and co. hit the top of the charts was back in 1970 with their second studio album, Paranoid. Since then the boys have been through a tumultuous time, including Ozzy being sacked from the band for drug addiction back in 1979.

Nothing ever seems easy with Black Sabbath, with even this most recent album,13, taking two years to record. The first thing to go wrong was the original drummer, Bill Ward, walking out because of a contract dispute. However, the band moved quickly and brought in a notable replacement - Brad Wilk from Rage against the Machine.

If you thought that was enough of an upset, Iommi was then diagnosed with cancer and had to receive treatment. Although according to Osbourne, Iommi still turned up for recording every day, despite his condition.

Of course, Ozzy had to bring his own drama to proceedings and fell off the wagon halfway through recording, returning to drinking again after a long time sober. But it all paid off in the end; Iommi is in remission and Ozzy has been off the booze again for four months. It's a remarkable return to form and success for one of the most notorious heavy metal bands in history.


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