Posted: Jun 18 2013
by: Neal Haworth

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Man of Steel opens strongly at the box office

Warner Brothers have a lot riding on their new blockbuster Man of Steel, what with its reported $225 million budget and plethora of big-name stars. Luckily for them, it looks like that investment has paid off as the movie took a record June opening weekend return of $113 million. This has completely blown away the predictions of both Warner Bros itself and media experts who thought they would be looking at a figure more around the $80-$90 million mark. The previous Superman outing, Superman Returns, also took only $52.5 million on its opening weekend.

The film itself has received largely positive reviews, although many have noted that it may be a small case of style over substance with Henry Cavill being a somewhat stoic lead, and Russell Crowe hamming it up significantly as his father. Nevertheless, the movie has received praise for its visual flair and slightly darker tone, both brought about by the installation of legendary director Zack Snyder. Of course, producer Christopher Nolan of Batman fame certainly played a large part in the development of the movie, as well as David S. Goyer, cowriter of the Batman trilogy.

Of course, that $225 million budget may not necessarily be a whole price tag; the marketing campaign surrounding this movie has been enormous, and it has been estimated that the hype train could cost an additional $100 million. Of course, various Superman merchandise such as movie t-shirts and Superman belt buckles will no doubt help to repay that huge investment.


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