Posted: Dec 07 2015
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This Month in Humour

With Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and the new Chicago Med, it's apparent that NBC loves the Windy City. Sure, these shows have received mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers alike, but maybe it's time for NBC to target a new city. The folks over at FunnyorDie are capitalizing on NBC's love for Chicago by releasing a spoof spinoff video.

Titled Chicago Sanitation, the new FunnyorDie video falls in the footsteps of the other Chicago shoes, complete with an almost believable opening scene. But as with most FunnyorDie skits, Chicago Sanitation is a bogus parody that pokes fun at the real Chicago shows. With one-liners line "You sort garbage better than anyone else on this team. Why can't you sort out your life?" and "You never have time for this family -- Garbage doesn't wait, babe, it needs to be picked up everyday." The short 2-minute spoof is definitely worth watching if you're looking for a laugh. Check it out by clicking the play button below.

 Video: Funny or Die's 'Chicago Sanitation'


Posted on Gizmodo, Digits is a short but funny video of a man who's trying to reach a women, but he only has part of her phone number. So, what do you in a situation like this? You try all of the different phone number combinations, of course! That's exactly what Keith does as he attempts to reconnect with the mystery woman.

Digits is a unique video in the sense that it's funny yet depressing and heartwarming all at the same time. About halfway through the video, Keith finally gets a hold of Amy. Much to his dismay, however, Amy doesn't remember Keith, even though the two "wen drinking together." Without giving too much away, Amy calls him back....only for another heartache to strike.

Digits was named as an Editor's Choice at Vimeo.

Video: Digits

Sisters - The Farce Awakens

Saturday Night Live funnywomen Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have a new comedy that's coming to a theater near you: Sisters. What's interesting is that Sisters is scheduled for release on December 18th, which as some of you may already know, is the same release date for the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens.

It's unusual (to say the least) for a studio to release a movie on the same date as a major blockbuster like Star Wars, but that's exactly what the producers of Sisters are doing. To capitalize on the coincidental release of their new movie, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey released a short video called The Farce Awakens. It's a pretty funny behind the scenes look at the duo's new film, but unfortunately it does not feature any wookiees, ewoks, or other intergalactic species.

Of course, The Farce Awakens is similar to the Comic Con reel for The Force Awakens. Poehler and Fey created the funny video as a play on the Comic Con reel. In case you missed the "real" Comic Con reel for The Force Awakens, it was a behind the scenes look at production of the film, featuring commentary from actors and directors -- much like the Farce Awakens.

this feels familar that's because it's a perfectly pitched send up of the adulation filled Comic Con reel for The Force Awakens, which had everyone falling over eachother to reveal just how incredible it is to work on a Star Wars film. And that's probably true for those who are involved, as its set to be one of the biggest cultural events of the decade.

Video: Sisters - The Farce Awakens


Another Editor's Choice on the video-sharing website Vimeo is Invaders. It's the perfect blend of comedy and horror, featuring two guys who seek to invade and terrify a home during the holidays. Of course, the premise of home invasions has been played out in the horror genre. From Last House on the Left to the Strangers and dozens more, you don't have to look hard to fine a home invasion horror film.

Invaders opens with two wannabe invaders (hence the name) sitting in their car as they prepare to, well, invade a home. After they put on their masks, which are pretty comical, they knock on the door and hilarity ensues.

Video: Invaders

Bad Santa: Things You Never Knew

No movie says the Christmas Spirit like Billy Bob Thornton's Bad Santa. has published a list of fun facts about this holiday-spirited movie, some of which are pretty funny (including the opening sentence). For instance, the F words was spoken a whopping 159 times, and the S word was spoken 73 times. Oh, and in case you were wondering, there's a Bad Santa 2 currently in the works, with Thornton starring as the Jolly Man once again.

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