Posted: Dec 04 2015
by: BeltsBucklesTees Blog

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Style for Musicians

Regardless of your genre of music, all musicians need to present themselves in the appropriate manner. Your appearance says a lot about who you are and what you do. And in order to attract fans and encourage them to listen to your music, you must stay on top of the latest fashion trends. So today we're going to reveal some of the top fashion shirts and accessories for musicians.

Cassette Tape Belt Buckle

Nothing says vintage/retro fashion like a cassette tape belt buckle. Sold exclusively here at BeltsBucklesTees, this bold belt buckle features a cassette tape shape and design. Cassette tapes were among the most common formats for prerecorded music from 1970s to the 1990s, at which point they were replaced by CDs. In addition to storing recorded music, however, they were also used in computers. You can take a step back in time, however, by sporting this awesome retro belt buckle the next time you perform on stage.

Led Zeppelin USA Tour T-Shirt

We can't talk about the top styles for musicians without mentioning the Led Zeppelin USA Tour t-shirt. Featuring the band's name along with "USA Tour 1975," it's the perfect t-shirt for any serious rock-and-roll fan or musician. Led Zeppelin is arguably one of the biggest names in rock-and-roll, with the iconic band selling 115 million RIAA-certified units throughout their career. Zeppelin's roots can be traced back to the 1960s. Even after all of these years, though, they still rock the stage from time to time. Will wearing this t-shirt make you rock as hard as Zeppelin? Probably not, but it's certainly worth trying!

Misfits T-Shirt

Last but certainly not least is the Misfits t-shirt. As you can see in the photo below, it depicts the band's logo -- a shadowy, creepy-looking skull -- set against a black background. Unless you are familiar with the Misfits, you may assume this is just an ordinary shirt. But anyone who is a true Misfits fan will quickly recognize the shirt's logo.

The Misfits were founded in 1977 with singer Glenn Danzig and bassist Jerry Only (other members fluctuated throughout the years). Many rock bands of this era had trouble making a name for themselves, but this wasn't the case with the Misfits. They released several EPs and singles, many of which rose to the top of the charts. Unfortunately, the band dissolved in the 1980s, but not before they made their mark in rock-and-roll history.


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