Posted: Nov 12 2015
by: BeltsBucklesTees Blog

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Awesome Hats for Gamers

Tired of wearing the same generic baseball hat day after day? If you love video games -- and I'm assuming you do -- then you'll love the following hats for gamers. These hats will bring a sense of nostalgia that's reminiscent of those late night hours of gaming.

Nintendo Controller Hat

Whether you are a fan of Nintendo or not, you're sure to appreciate the fun retro style of the Nintendo Controller Hat. As shown in the photo below, this snapback hat features a faded gray and red design along with the embroided picture of a classic controller from the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Most of today's generation of gamers wouldn't know this controller is from the NES. However, true gamers from back in the 1990s, such as myself, will immediately recognize it as being an NES controller. In any case, this is a fun hat that's bound to attract some comments from your friends.

Hyrule Zelda Hat

Another awesome hat for gamers is the Hyrule Zelda Hat. From an outsider's perspective, it may look like any ordinary hat with the word "HYRULE" on the front. But as you may already know, Hyrule is the kingdom that serves as the land for many of the Zelda games. According to Wikipedia, it has a long history with various wars involving the Triforce, deities, legendary relics, and heroes and villains. This includes the Sacred Realm, the Twilight Realm, and Termina.

Oh, and if you were hoping to see a new Zelda game being released in the near future, you are in luck. The Legend of Zelda is scheduled to be released next year for the Wii U platform. Unfortunately, details regarding the game remain unknown at this time.

Street Fighter Ryu Hat

Last but not least is the Street Fighter Ryu Hat. Offered exclusively here at BeltsBucklesTees, this fun hat features an 8-bit graphic of the legendary Street Fighter Ryu performing his signature "special move." Ryu first appeared in the original Street Fighter, wearing a white gi robe with torn sleeves, a white hachimaki, red gloves, and red slippers. Ryu has survived throughout the years, appearing in numerous follow-up titles. Some of his special moves include the Shoryuken (shown in the hat), the Hadouken, and the Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku.



Which video game hat is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!


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