Posted: Mar 08 2013
by: Neal Haworth

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Movie T-Shirts


Many of us enjoy sitting down to watch a film or a movie, you may be sitting in the comfort of your own home or you may be happily settled in front of a big screen at the cinema or lastly you may have called round to your friends and family and are going to chill and watch a film together.

If you are a fan of watching the latest movies, or love watching some of the old time classics, you will want either one of awesome movie shirts, which can be found right here at BBT Clothing.

The ghostbusters shirt is wicked, it comes in a Black colour and has an image of Slimer in a red circle, with a red line through the middle, meaning 'no ghosts allowed', This T Shirt has the added bonus of actually glowing in the dark too!
And we have another neat Ghostbuster T Shirt design, this one comes in a Cream colour and looks like the clothing that the official ghostbusters wear.

If this doesn't scare you, maybe our Jaws T-Shirt will, looking like the ocean itself, this funky sea Blue T Shirt has a frightening image of Jaws on the front and the wording 'Amity Island 1975 Population 2488'.

If you go mad for the Rocky boxing films, our Rocky Shirt is best suited for you. It comes in a Brown colour and has an image of Rocky on the front with the wording 'Rocky The Italian Stallion'.

If you have a sense of humour and love comedy, the Family Guy Shirt makes for a super T-Shirt. We actually have two designs, the first includes all the cool characters from Family Guy as the main image and the second shirt has the hilarious famous wording 'I Just Sithed in my pants'.

Another brilliant T-Shirt is the Godfather Shirt and the Star Wars Shirt is always a popular choice.

So if you are looking for wicked shirts from films or awesome shirts from movies, we have a large collection for you to browse through.


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