Posted: Mar 08 2013
by: Neal Haworth

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Music and Band Shirts


Most of us listen to music at some point during the day, whether it is rock, pop, rap, r&b, etc... and some of us enjoy attending music concerts to see our favourite bands playing live and so we can join in on the action.
And there is no better way than joining in the action, while sporting one of our awesome band shirts or rock shirts, which are all available to browse through and purchase online at BBT Clothing.

If Bob Marley sings your kind of music, you will love our Bob Marley T Shirt that comes in a Black colour and has a Yellow and Red styled image of Bob Marley himself.

We all know that Foo Fighters rock, so making one of our cool Foo Fighter T Shirts, the next 'must have' thing on your shopping list, is a wise thing to do.
Credit should be given to one and only Johnny Cash who has been named 'one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century' and of course naturally, we stock the Johnny Cash Shirt too.
Iron Maiden made the British proud, with their sturdy reputation of being one of the best selling heavy metal bands of all time, if Iron Maiden are your kind of style, you will definitely want a Iron Maiden Shirt.
We have many other types of band shirts, including ACDC Shirts, Kiss Shirts, Judas Priest Shirts, Motorhead Shirts, plus loads more.
So if you have a favourite band or singer that you love listening to or even idolise, our band shirts would be a brilliant choice for you.

Our range of rock shirts is always expanding, so we always have new lines of band shirts coming in to stock, although you will already be spoilt for choice with what we offer in our current range.



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