Posted: Mar 08 2013
by: Neal Haworth

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Superhero Buckles


Superheroes are often present in comic books and films, there are many popular heroes such as; Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine, Captain America, plus many more and even some feminine heroines, such as Wonder Woman and Super Girl.

In the world of comics, there are two popular comic book publishers that produce comics with the all time popular characters, including the favourite superheroes and these companies are called 'DC Comics' and Marvel Comics'. Here at BBT Clothing we stock a vast range of Superhero items such as; T-Shirts, Belt Buckles and Wallets and Purses.

Our Superhero buckles are definitely worth a look and we are sure we will have just the design you have in mind. We have a large range of belt buckles superheroes, which consists of designs such as Flash, Justice League and Green Lantern, as well as many more styles of comic belt buckles. The Captain America buckle stands out in its polished blue, red and white colours. Its a simple circular design buckle that replicates Captain America's indestructible shield. This buckle would look good with most outfits. Maybe a Spiderman buckle is more ideal for you, choose from one of the cool red designs showing Spiderman's masked head.

These cool looking buckles are guaranteed to look the part on. If you are looking for aSuperman buckle, look no further, we have a selection of Superman themed buckles, sporting the letter 'S' and in the shape of a shield, choose from Silver, Red, Black or the classic Red and Yellow colour. If you want a Batman buckle, we also have these, you can choose from a bat design, shield design or a Dark Knight design. No matter what Batman design you opt for, they all look super sleek on.

Let's not forget the Iron Man buckle, with its futuristic and cool gold and red design. If it is something a little different you are looking for, this is certainly it.


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