Posted: Mar 08 2013
by: Neal Haworth

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Superman Clothing


He wears Blue, Red and Yellow, comes from Krypton and whizzes through the sky.......yes its the one and only Superman.

If he is not in comic books such as DC Comics, he is starring in films, using his unique superhuman qualities to save the day!

We stock all the Superman merchandise, from Superman Shirts to Superman Belt Buckles, so take a look on our website to see what current stock we have.

The Superman shirt comes in a cool Blue colour and has the famous Yellow and Red Superman logo in the middle. We also have a Superman 'Man of Steel' T Shirt, which comes in a Black colour and has an image of steel chains on the front, with the letter 'S', this T Shirts image conveys that Superman is tough and strong enough to save the day.
Another great Superman T-Shirt is the Superman 'Last Son of Krypton', this shirt comes in White and has an image of Superman, with the wording 'The weight of our world is on his shoulders, He gets his power from the sun'. It is a vibrant looking T Shirt that would match well with jeans.

And if its not T-Shirts you are looking for, maybe you would love a Superman buckle, we have a choice of cool buckles with the famous Superman logo, you can choose from a Red design, a Black design and the famous Red and Yellow combination. So do not miss out on an awesome Superman logo buckle, as they really transform and liven up any outfit.

We also stock an awesome Superman Wallet that is themed on the cartoon strips in comic books, if you are a fan of Superman, this wallet is an absolutely fantastic buy and for the ladies we also have a brilliant Superman purse.

To see our full range, browse our BBT Clothing website, where we have all these Superman products plus many more.



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