Posted: Mar 08 2013
by: Neal Haworth

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Music Belt Buckles


Music is an important part of many peoples lives, whether it is listened to in the car, listened to on the way to work or school, switched on for relaxation time or even programmed to wake you up in the mornings.

It is clear that music is all around us and has been for many years, music will continue to inspire people from all the different countries and cultures and bring happiness and joy to their daily lives.

At BBT Clothing we stock a large range of music buckles to suit all types of music lovers, ranging from famous band logos, to our cool individual instrument designs.

From the 1970's cassette tapes were hugely popular, right up until the 1990's before CD's came into existance.
If you want to own a unique piece of history, our cassette buckle would be ideal for you, looking like a mini version of the real thing, it sure rocks.

If you are a member of a band or even just simply a band fanatic, one of our specially crafted instrument design buckles, may just be the one you have in mind.

We have a variety to offer you, such as the drum buckle which comes in two designs, one is a singular drum design and the other is a complete drum kit design. The guitar buckle is another favourite, which comes in a variety of designs such as the singular guitar design, twin guitar design and awesome rock guitar design, there are even fab guitar bottle opener styles and assorted colours to choose from.

And for those of you who are keen on pianos, the piano keys belt buckle makes for an interesting buckle.

And let's not forget our range of many a rock buckle, including popular ones such as Lez Zeppelin, the Beatles and Ozzy Osbourne and even designs such as the superb Marshall Buckle.

Whatever you are after, we are sure to have what you want right here at BBT Clothing.


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