Posted: Mar 08 2013
by: Neal Haworth

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Ladies Belt Buckles


It is not just men that love to show off an awesome belt buckle, women do too, that is why we have catered for all you funky women out there who love quality and stylish belt buckles and want to be able to own one or more of our unique buckles for women, as well as being able to buy them at affordable prices too. And of course, we also have an assorted collection of buckles for girls, including cool styles such as the; 3D star belt buckle with rhinestones, which comes in a pretty Pink colour as well as an awesome Orange colour too. And if you are after something that is very feminine, the butterfly belt buckle with rhinestones, makes for an ideal choice.

This belt buckle is a charming and unique design, which is delicately styled and finished in Pink, with gleaming rhinestones. Another superb piece is the tattoo lucky belt buckle, which features lucky emblems such as dice, birds and stars on a tattoo themed and styled belt buckle. Our buckles for ladies consists of a large array of belt buckles, in many different colours, styles and sizes. Just to give you an idea of the different kinds of ladies belt buckles that we stock; The Wonder Woman belt buckle, available in two designs, the first design is two 'w''s which stand for Wonder Woman, they are joined together, one on top of the other one and finished with glistening rhinestones the other is a more classic design, coloured in the traditional American flag colours and finished in a shield shape with the two 'W''s, once again joined together and on top on each other. For something a little more elegant, the Fleur de lys belt buckle, should be right up your street.

This belt buckles comes in two colours, delicate White and dazzling Red, both colours make for exceptionally decorative belt buckles. So if you like the sound of our buckles for women, do not delay, come and browse our online store, BBT Clothing and see what we have on offer.


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