Posted: Mar 08 2013
by: Neal Haworth

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Belts for Men


Men have worn belts for many years and in fact it used to be more common to see a belt being worn on a man, rather than a woman.

Belts have been around since the bronze ages, so are a well known accessory worn among people today.

BBT Clothing offers belts for men, at reasonable prices and in a large assortment of styles, colours, sizes and materials.

We have belts to suit all types of mens preferences, whether it is a printed design belt you are after or one of our quality leather belts, we do have a lot of choice to offer you.

One of our favourite categories is the studded belts, these come in an assortment of funky designs, choose from a cool retro Black and White studded belt, a sleek Black studded belt or if you are looking for something a little more unusual, we have a black and white studded belt, with an awesome paint splash effect.

We have many different colours to choose from, so you can exactly match your belt to the outfit that you have in mind wearing it with. We have white belts for men, black belts for men, brown belts for men, plus lots more exciting colours.

We have all sizes ranging from Small to X Large and as well as regular belts, we have snap on belts too, which enable you to snap off your belt buckle whenever you feel like it and change your look completely with another one. Check out our range of belts for men, you are sure to be impressed with all what we have to offer.

Belts come in various styles, colours, designs and materials.

You may want a belt that stands out, or a belt that will match your new outfit, you may have a favourite hobby or interest and might wish for a belt to reflect that interest or you might prefer one of our new style snap on belts, which allow you to constantly change the belt buckle, so you never need to be seen with the same belt buckle again!

Whatever the reason is, BBT Clothing have plenty of cool mens belts and cool ladies belts, to suit all kinds of tastes and requirements.



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