Posted: Mar 08 2013
by: Neal Haworth

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Batman Clothing


Batman is a well known superhero, he is remembered for his Black bat cape and for his ability to take on and fight criminals. He uses no superpowers,as he was never gifted with any, but he uses his own intelligance and skills to fight criminals he comes across, prime examples of these are; 'The Joker', 'The Riddler' and 'Catwoman'.

Batman is also known as 'The Caped Crusader' and the 'The Dark Knight'.

Here at BBT Clothing we stock lots of Batman merchandise, including popular purchases such as the Batman shirt and Dark Knight shirt.

The Batman T-Shirts we have to offer are awesome and what makes them so special, is that they are all completely different this ensures that we have something to appeal for all tastes.

We have a plain Black T-Shirt with the famous Yellow Batman logo, this T-Shirt is a classic and simple design, that never fails to look the part.

Another cool creation is the Batman T Shirt with bat suit effect, this T-Shirt is ideal for anyone who is looking for something a bit different. When you wear the T Shirt, it looks as though you are actually wearing Batmans suit!
If you are looking for a Dark Knight Rises Shirt, the Batman stencil T-Shirt is a superb choice, this T-Shirt comes in White and has a Black and Red stencil effect, this awesome design is sure to be the envy of your mates.
We also stock other Batman apparel such as the Batman buckle, Batman logo buckle and Batman wallet.
Feel free to browse through our online store, we have a wicked choice of Batman buckles that are guaranteed to transform your outfit.




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