Posted: Mar 08 2013
by: Neal Haworth

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Band Belt Buckles

There are so many hugely popular established bands out nowadays, with many skilled musicians coming together to create the perfect ensemble and hit the right notes.

We have many of the all time favourite band belt buckles in stock, so if you see yourself as a rock fan, owning a rock buckle or a band belt buckle is an absolute must for you.

The Rolling Stone buckle is a prime example of an excellent belt buckle, that is sure to impress your mates, due to the Rolling Stones high status of, being one of the most successful bands around.
The buckle is a bright Red colour and is themed on the famous rolling stones logo, which of course is the red lips, with a red tongue hanging out.

In 1971 the band Queen made their entrance to the music world with their own unique style of music, which included rock influences. Our Queen buckle makes for a stunning piece, with its detailed imagery of the popular Queen logo and its tasteful and expensive looking silver finish.

And if you are looking for something different, you may find something such as, our Elvis buckle appealing or perhaps you like the Kiss buckle, with its bright Black, Red and Yellow colours and famous logo - it is a real tribute to such a awesome rock band.

If it is hard rock that you enjoy listening to, you will definitely be well acquainted with ACDC, the neat Australian rock band. Our ACDC buckle comes in a wicked Black and Red colour and comes finished with a quality polished look, which never fails to disappoint.


So if it is band belt buckles that you are looking for, be sure to look in our online store 'BBT Clothing,' as we have so many different designs, colours, shapes and sizes, you are sure to find just what you are looking for.


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