Posted: Sep 30 2012
by: BeltsBucklesTees

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TV & Movie Buckles

Here at BBT Clothing, we specialise in many different designs and styles of belt buckles. Everyone has their favourite things they like to watch on TV, whether it is a TV series, sitcom, drama or one of the many other types. There is definetely something very relaxing and appealing about chilling on the sofa and watching a movie, if this sounds like your persona, we have plenty of film buckles to brighten up your outfit and mood. We have an extensive collection of movie buckles featuring the awesome Freddy Krueger belt buckle, with its gleaming silver claw design and also the famous ‘Rise of Cobra’ military ‘G I Joe’ belt buckle, which comes in a wicked red, blue and silver colour. And not forgetting TV show buckles, which includes our favourites such as the family guy buckle, Sons of Anarchy buckle, as well as other creations such as the Simpsons buckle, plus many more. A few of our best selling belt buckles include; the Transformers buckle, which comes in both an autobot design and a deceptions design, the autobot design even comes in a vibrant and funky Red colour, as well as the classic Silver colour and the Star Wars Buckle which comes in a super sleek Silver design. The Star Trek buckle is certainly something special, with its sophisticated Gold colour and design, it makes for a very unique piece. If you can’t get enough of Slimer and the Ghostbusters, maybe our Ghostbuster buckle should be your next must have. Available in two colours, the classic red and white and also in a neat Silver and Black design. So as you can see, lots to choose from and this is just a few of the many we have on offer, so feel free to start browsing our online store for all these buckles mentioned plus loads more.



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