Posted: Sep 30 2012
by: BeltsBucklesTees

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Wonder Woman

There are not many superheroines around…….well not many that compare to Wonder Woman herself.
With her speed, strength, stamina and style, it is no surprise she has many admirers and is idolised by many.

If you see yourself as a bit of Wonder Woman or just love watching Wonder Woman in action, whether it is in comic strips or on the TV, you will love our unique collection of WonderWoman shirts. We have several different types available, the original Wonder Woman shirt comes in Red and Yellow and has the famous two ‘WW’s', which obviously stand for ‘Wonder Woman’.

It also has an American star effect on the lower half of the shirt.

Another fabulous design is the Wonder Woman T-Shirt with logo, this Red T-Shirt has the full wording ‘Wonder Woman’ in a Yellow colour and across the front of the T Shirt. Maybe you fancy something a little more feminine? – the Wonder Woman T-Shirt in vibrant Red is just that! It also comes in Wonder Woman Red but this neat shirt has a cool image of Wonder Woman herself, on the front and cute star detail on the sleeves.

A Wonder Woman buckle would make a great accessory to add to your belt, we have a couple of brilliant designs to add to your collection.

The first is of the Wonder Woman logo with a star effect and this one comes in the colours Blue, Red, Yellow and White .
The other wonder woman buckle is a design of the Wonder Woman logo, finished with gleaming white rhinestones.

There is no better object to store your hard earned cash in, than our Wonder Woman purse, this is a funky looking creation that comes in Blue and Yellow.

See our full collection of Wonder Woman apparel, right here at BBT Clothing.



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