Posted: Jan 30 2013
by: BeltsBucklesTees

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New Year Weight Loss Belt and Belt Buckle

It is entirely possible that you will put on a bit of weight over the Christmas period. Most people do, and to tell the truth we’re not surprised. There are so many indulgent treats around like mince pies, advent calendars, selection boxes, Christmas cake and pudding and the all important Christmas dinner that we can’t believe people don’t double or triple in size! Most people’s New Year’s resolutions involve weight loss and many do try and shift that holiday weight that they gained over the month of December.

If you’ve found yourself needing a new belt and buckle because of weight loss in the New Year then browse our fantastic selection of belts and buckles, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. If you’re a fan of music then have a look at the black and white music notes belt or the piano belt. We have a fantastic range of belts with unique designs; if you prefer a plain we have them in black, brown or white, if you prefer patterned take a look at our tattoo style ones or even if you like studded belts we have an excellent range of different coloured studs and belts, even rainbow ones! Chances are we’ll have something to suit you.

If you are looking for a new belt then you should always get a new buckle to go with it. Take a look at our expansive range of buckles in all different designs, colours and themes. If you are a fan of comics then we have some excellent Marvel belt buckles, we also have belt buckles featuring many band logos including The Rolling Stones and Kiss. We have Batman belt buckles, Star Wars belt buckles and even buckles to suit gamers such as Zelda, Super Mario and Call of Duty themes.

Black Belt for Men MU-033-2T BM51359ABKWT-1 BB014 AC1-2 Bad to the Bone Belt Buckle Grenade with Rhinestones Belt Buckle STB 033-1 BBT-205-1 STB 033-1 Thundercats Belt Buckle Batman Buckle BBT-00010-1 Skull belt Buckle WWBB04-1 BBT-001-1 captain america buckle Green Lantern Buckle The Flash Belt Buckle White Belt BBT-020-1 Handcuffs Brown Belt



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