Posted: Feb 08 2013
by: BeltsBucklesTees

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Cool Belts from Belts Buckles Tees

Since the Bronze Age there has been a record of people wearing belts. They have since become more common in the Western world and have been mainly worn by men; however some women did wear them depending on the fashion at the time. Belts have not always been a practicality. In the second half of the 19th Century they were more of a fashion statement and a decorative piece of clothing that were made popular by the officers of the first World War. These offices would wear extremely tight and wide belts around the waist on the outside of their uniform to emphasise their wide shoulders and chests.

In more recent times, men started wearing belts in the 1920’s as trouser waists began to get lower in line with fashion and became more of a practical item rather than a decorative piece. Today wearing a belt is very common; however they function now as being both practical and decorative. There are many variances of belts throughout countries and cultures, for example the obi is a belt used by the Japanese as part of a kimono. Studded belts are often associated with Goth and metal fashion but have recently come into popularity with many fashion trends and are seen being worn by many celebrities.

We have an excellent selection of belts in our online store, with something to suit everyone according to style and fashion sense. From studded belts to glow in the dark to plain, our belts are of the very highest quality and standard and look fantastic with our belt buckles.

One of our favourite belts in stock is the City of Angels studded belt with a unique design you won’t see many people wearing. All of our belts feature the snap on stud design so customise them as you wish with one of our great belt buckles.

White Belt Black Belt for Men STB 033-1 STB 033-1 JV11383JBKML-1 BM51359ABKWT-1 Brown Belt BBT-020-1 PRB 053-1 BBT-207-1 PRB 116-1 BBT-001-1 BBT-00010-1 BBT-00010-2T BBT-205-1 Studded Belt STB 033-2-2



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