Posted: Feb 22 2013
by: BeltsBucklesTees

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Howard Wolowitz Style Belt Buckles from BeltsBucklesTees

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will recognise Howard Wolowitz and his penchant for awesome belt buckles. It seems that every episode he has a new one on, starting from the classic Nintendo Control Pad belt buckle that he wore in the pilot of the series. Belt buckles are a great way of changing an outfit and adding a touch of fun to what you are wearing and with our fantastic range of belt buckles similar to those that Wolowitz wears on The Big Bang Theory, you can’t go wrong!

As mentioned earlier, the most popular buckle that Wolowitz has worn has to be the Nintendo Control Pad buckle which we have available in our online store. Priced at only £14, this buckle will instantly add character to whatever you’re wearing and looks simply awesome!

Another classic buckle often seen on Howard Wolowitz is the Pac Man buckle. We have the classic yellow Pac Man buckle available along with variations such as the Pac Man ghost and a Pac Man with Ghosts buckle.

Wolowitz is very clearly a fan of superheroes and has been known to wear buckles that feature the logo of his favourite superhero. We have some great superhero buckles in stock such as the Batman Classic buckle, the awesome Batman 3D buckle, a wide range of Superman buckles in different styles and colours, a few Green Lantern buckles and the almighty Flash buckle that Wolowitz has been known to wear more than once!

It’s no secret that the characters from The Big Bang Theory are fans of Star Wars so what more could you want than an awesome Star Wars belt buckle? Our Star Wars Imperial Symbol belt buckle is not too outlandish but is still perfect for true fans of the Star Wars franchise.



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