Posted: Sep 16 2012
by: neal1524

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Sonic The Hedgehog T-Shirts, Wallets and Purses

BBT clothing is the UK’s number one stockist for cool Sonic the hedgehog T-shirts, wallets and purses? We’re committed to bringing you the latest high-quality, trendsetting clothing at a price that suits both your style and your pocket. We believe in using only the best materials and always delivering outstanding value for money. So if you’re looking for the latest and coolest Sonic the hedgehog T-shirts and accessories then look no further than BBT Clothing. If it’s available, then we stock it.

Sonic t Shirt

We’d guess that most families have some sort of gaming device these days, particularly after Christmas, whether it’s a Nintendo Wii, a DS or a Sony Play Station. For those who grew up on games though, we reckon the real golden age of gaming was definitely the late 1980s and the early 1990s. That’s where it all began really, and without that none of what we know today would’ve been possible. A lot of people may not have been around when the Super Mario brothers, Sonic the hedgehog and Donkey Kong first hit the scenes, and they probably couldn’t recognise an old Sega console even if they fell over it.

Yet, the thing is though, everyone’s heard of these characters. They have this enduring appeal that just won’t let go, and that’s not simply because they were the first: in a lot of people’s eyes, they were and remain the very best of what gaming can offer. Ok, everything now is highly sophisticated, but the raw edge of 80’s and 90s gaming makes it just that little bit more special. BBT Clothing loves gaming, especially the legendary stuff like Sonic the hedgehog, so we’ve celebrated everything that’s good about the speed merchant and created our own cool range of Sonic T-shirts, purses and wallets.

BBT Clothing - number 1 for quality and affordable Sonic the hedgehog T-shirts and accessories

So what can we offer you old Sega gamers then? Well, for starters we’ve got our classic Sonic the hedgehog T-shirt. Available in cool blue, this classic T-shirt is double-sided, with a front view on Sonic on the face of the T-shirt and a rear view of the speedster on the back of the T. That’s the kind of view most of us grew up with: he is after all, faster than the speed of sound. If you’re looking for something really special, then you won’t go far wrong with our new Sonic T-shirt: hedgehogs need love too. Available in white with a cool and awesome faded-style effect, this T-shirt is a must for all you Sonic fans out there. If you’re looking for Sega wallets or purses, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Our Sonic wallets and purses are the coolest available online. We stock both the classic Sonic wallet and purse, and a special Sonic wallet with a blue check pattern which we reckon is uber-cool.

So, if you fancy re-living some of your heady days when life was carefree, and all that mattered was the console, then check out our website and pick up a nostalgic blast from the past. You’ll have to move almost as quickly as Sonic though, as these products are selling fast. So don’t delay, buy today.

If you’d like any further information on our fantastic range of fashion clothing and accessories why not visit our website, or drop us an email at [email protected]. If you’re looking for quality, cool merchandise, then we’re sure our comprehensive range of products will tempt you, not to mention our wholesale prices.

BBT Clothing – the coolest Sonic the hedgehog, wallets, purses and T-shirts at prices to suit your pocket


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