Posted: Sep 16 2012
by: neal1524

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Wonder Woman T-shirts, Purses and Belt Buckles

Wonder Woman PurseIf you’ve never heard of Diana Prince, or Diana of Themyscira, then you obviously didn’t grow up in the Seventies or early Eighties. We bet you’ve heard of Wonder Woman though, and may even remember the wonderful portrayal of Wonder Woman by Lynda Carter in the television series, as she brought to life the DC Comic heroine? Well, here at BBT Clothing, we’ve got a soft spot for the 6 foot tall Amazonian warrior who rights the wrongs of society and firmly put the bad guys in their place. What’s Wonder Woman’s enduring appeal?   Well, imagine a person with all the powers of Superman, but female, beautiful and ultra-powerful, and you’ve got it in a nutshell: the perfect combination of sheer athletic brawn, but with supreme beauty. What’s not to like? As far as we’re concerned - absolutely nothing. In fact we’d go further than that, and say that we love Wonder Woman. So much so that we’ve created our own exclusive range of the coolest Wonder Woman T-shirts, belt buckles and purses for your delectation. Although we don’t like to boast, BBT Clothing would have to say that you won’t find a better selection anywhere.

BBT Clothing - Number 1 for quality and affordable Wonder Woman Belt Buckles, T-shirts and Purses. 

What can we offer you?

We’ve got 4 of the finest Wonder Woman T-shirts available. Our exclusive range includes a multi-coloured generic Wonder Woman T in striking red, yellow and blue, a superb illustrated white Wonder Woman T-shirt, a Wonder Woman T in vibrant red and a superb Wonder Woman logo bright red T-shirt. All our T-shirts are made of the finest quality materials and come in a range of sizes.

Our Wonder Woman belt buckles are also startlingly good. Wear it loud and proud around your waist and you’re certain to get a few admiring looks. We stock the Wonder Woman symbol buckle in blue, white and yellow which will certainly make an impact, then the star of our belt buckle show – the rhinestone Wonder Woman belt buckle. Belt buckles don’t come more glamorous than this, we can tell you.

If you’re looking for a Wonder Woman purse, then we’ve also got something special for you too. You can choose from either our Wonder Woman multi-coloured purse, or our special Wonder Woman star-effect purse. Both are real beauties, and if we’re honest, almost too nice to be used for simply carrying coins around. We’d prefer to have them framed. Still, you pay your money: you take your choice. Who are we to argue?

If you’d like any further information on our fantastic range of fashion clothing and accessories why not drop us an email at [email protected]. If you’re looking for quality, cool merchandise, then we’re sure our comprehensive range of products will tempt you, not to mention our wholesale prices.


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