Posted: Jul 13 2011
by: BBT Clothing - ([email protected])

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Wear your heart on your sleeve

It seems hard to believe it these days, but tattoos were once relatively rare things. They tended to be sported by bikers and garage mechanics: ‘nice’ people didn’t have tattoos – they were regarded as distinctly low-brow. How times have changed? Tattoos are now de rigueur:  from your friendly hairdresser to local bank manager – no self-respecting person can afford not to have one. So, why have things changed so much? Do we blame David Beckham, or is it simply down to the popularity of programmes like LA Ink and Miami Ink? Well, they’re all probably responsible in some way or other: Beckham because he gave the tattoo credibility, and TV coverage because it popularised the art form. Now, if you’ve always secretly harboured the though of getting a tattoo, but were never brave enough to go through with it, BBT Clothing could just have the answer to your prayers. To celebrate the humble tattoo, BBT Clothing has commissioned its own range of cool tattoo, LA Ink and Miami Ink T-shits, belt buckles and wallets/purses. The best thing is our products won’t sting your arms or your wallets.

Our range of tattoo T-shirts is extensive, to say the least, and it’s growing all the time. We carry a generic range of tattoo T-shirts including our ever-popular skull T-shirt. If you’re looking for something a little more specific, we’ve got a fantastic range of both LA Ink and Miami Ink T-shirts:  Raven, Seed, Solomon’s Key and Steel Heart T –shirts as well as the traditional Love/Hate T.  For the girls out there we also stock two fantastic cool Miami Ink T-shirts in purple and pink: the Silver Claw’s a real beauty for sure.

Our love affair with tattoos doesn’t stop there either. We’ve got a large number of generic tattoo belt buckles that might just tickle your fancy, including 2 Lucky tattoo buckles as well as a Heart tattoo, Live fast/Die young and Japanese Koi Fish buckle. They all look pretty cool and would grace the belt of any tattoo fanatic.

For those who’d prefer to keep their tattoo passion under wraps, we’ve got a cool range of tattoo wallets and purses. We’re confident we’ve got something that you’ll love. Have a look at out tattoo wallet range on the website and you’ll see exactly what we mean. We’ve got Red Sumo wallets, as well as Black Dragon, Skull and Eagle, Skull and multi-coloured tattoo print wallets.

Isn’t it about time you indulged your secret passion and showed your appreciation of the humble, or not so humble, tattoo? Don’t forget we’re still running our special promotion where we’ll give you a 10 percent discount when you order 3 or more items. We couldn’t really say fairer than that could we. Order your tattoo T or buckle today, and you could have it with you before Mr Beckham’s had the chance to have Harper Seven tattooed on his body, assuming there’s any room left, of course.


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