Posted: Jul 15 2011
by: BBT Clothing - ([email protected])

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Nintendo – “leave luck to heaven”

Atari Belt Buckle
We’d guess that most families have some sort of gaming device these days, whether it’s a Nintendo Wii, a DS or a Sony Play Station. For those who grew up on games though, we reckon the real golden age of gaming was definitely the 1980s. That’s where it all began really, and without that none of what we know today would’ve been possible. A lot of people may not have been around when the Super Mario brothers and Donkey Kong first hit the scenes, and they probably couldn’t recognise an old Atari console even if they fell over it.

The thing is though, everyone’s heard of them. They have this enduring appeal that just won’t let go, and that’s simply because they were the first and, in a lot of people’s eyes, the very best of what gaming could offer. Ok, everything now is highly sophisticated, but the raw edge of 80’s gaming makes it just that little bit more special. BBT Clothing loves gaming, especially the legendary stuff, so we’ve celebrated everything that was good about the period with our cool range of gaming T-shirts, belt buckles and wallets. Have a look at our website, and we’re sure you’ll see our passion for the period shine through.

So, what can we offer to you old gamers out there? Well, if you love the old Atari, we can offer you our classic 80s Atari belt buckle or maybe even an Atari wallet if that takes your fancy. For all you classic Nintendo fans we’ve got a number of cool treats from our Donkey Kong tri-fold wallet to our control pad belt buckles which we stock in both black and pink. Obviously if the Super Mario brothers, Mario and Luigi, were more your thing, then you’re in luck. Transport yourself back to the heady days of travelling through Mushroom Kingdom in an attempt to rescue Princess Toadstool. We’ve got a fantastically cool Princess T- shirt which we’re sure you’ll love, but don’t expect her to be especially grateful: after all ‘this Princess saves herself’ or at least that’s what she’s like us to think.

If Pac-Man packs more of a punch for you, then you too are in luck. To celebrate the iconic 80s games of Space Invaders and Asteroids, we‘ve got some really special produce for you to have a look at. We’ve obviously got our Pac-Man belt buckle, but we’re also stocking a new range of Pac-Man with Ghosts wallets and purses. Have a look at this great range, and we’re sure you’ll agree they’re really cool.

So, if you fancy re-living some of your heady days when life was carefree, and all that mattered was the console, then head on down to our website and pick up a nostalgic blast from the past. Don’t forget our special offer is still running where if you but 3 or more products, we’ll give you an extra 10 percent off the total price. Can’t be bad, can it? As Nintendo would say, ‘leave luck to heaven’ – you really won’t need it at BBT Clothing.


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