Posted: Jul 29 2011
by: BBT Clothing - ([email protected])

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School’s out for summer

Family Guy Evil Monkey Belt Buckle
It’s official: school is definitely out for summer. The term has finally ended and all the kids are looking forward to six weeks of fun and frolics. How do you feel if you’re a parent? Do you share their joy and unbridled enthusiasm, and look forward to long summer days with your nearest and dearest? Or, are you more of the curmudgeonly persuasion dreading the prospect of the next few weeks? Are summer holidays little short of purgatory for you? Well, whether you’re a regular, fun-filled family guy or a summertime Scrooge, we like to think that here at BBT Clothing we’ve got the range of products that will make the next six weeks either pass a little happier or quieter, depending on your point of view.

For all the Family Guys we’ve got a fantastic range of cool T-Shirts, belts and belt buckles. Whether you’re in to the Simpsons, Family Guy, DC Comic characters, Band memorabilia or film and TV, BBT Clothing has got something for you. Have a look on our website, and you’ll see what we mean. We’ve got an awesome stock of T-Shirts ranging from Bart Simpson, Superman, Iron Man, Batman, AC/DC, to the Stones, Pulp Fiction, Star Wars, Star Trek and Jack Bauer. If you like your belts and buckles then check out our super-cool selection of buckles. We stock everything from rock and roll beltbuckles to the latest fashion buckles and accessories. We’re pretty sure we’ll have something there to tickle the fancy of even the choosiest.

For those of you who can’t wait for the summer to end, well, we can offer some great T-Shirts and belt buckles that we hope might just bring you a little light relief. We stock everything from Miami Ink and tattoo T-shirts to Punisher and Freddy Kreuger Ts – not that we’re suggesting you’re all of that dark persuasion, more a fan of the other side of life. We also have a comprehensive range of cool belt buckles: we stock skull, tattoo, pirate, biker and dragon belt buckles. You really don’t have to dwell on the dark side to appreciate what a fantastic range of belt buckles we’ve got.

For every 3 items you buy, we’ll even knock an extra 10 percent off the price. That’s an offer that’s too good to refuse. So go on, treat yourself this summer: buy a BBT Clothing T-Shirt or belt buckle and either enjoy or ignore the next few weeks. Whatever, the kids will soon be back in the classroom. 


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