Posted: Aug 03 2011
by: BBT Clothing - ([email protected])

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Who’s the king of the castle?

Star Wars Belt Buckle
Perhaps that question would be better phrased, what’s the king of the castle? Which of our range of cutting-edge T-shirts and belt buckles sells best? The thing is that’s such a difficult question to answer. At BBT Clothing we stock such a fantastic and extensive range of cool T-shirts and belt buckles that it means it’s always going to be difficult to call this one. Obviously there are some products with enduring appeal like our Star Wars merchandise or our DC and Marvel Comic book character buckles and T-shirts, but the popularity of other T-shirts and buckles is often determined by what’s going on in the world at a given time, or the latest film releases. All we can ever do is try to deliver what the customer wants, and if we haven’t got this in stock, then we’ll do our level best to source it. BBT Clothing firmly believes that the customer is king.

So, what are the current best sellers in BBT Clothing’s range?

It’s not really that surprising that Star Wars should be at the top of the list. The years may have flown by since we saw the last film release, The Return of the Sith, but the popularity of Star Wars just goes on and on. Our best seller is our Darth Vader belt buckle. Yes, that’s right: the coolest bad guy in movie history tops the chart. It shouldn’t really come as too much of a shock, should it? Following close on the heels of the dark lord, our next most popular belt buckles are: the Bullet Shot Skull buckle, Family Guy’s Brian Griffin buckle, Batman 3D Dark Knight buckle and our Pac Man Ghost buckle

Top of the range of our best selling cool T-shirts at the moment is our AC/DC T-shirt. They say you can’t keep an old rocker down, and this just goes to prove it. The Australian pioneers of heavy rock are still one of the highest grossing musical acts the world has seen and remain as popular as ever. They might be getting a little old in the tooth, but they still rock and can draw the crowds in. If you’re a bit of a rocker yourself, then this might just be the T-shirt for you. Our other most popular selling T-shirts at the moment are: the Start Wars Empire Strikes Back T-shirt, Punisher Marvel Extreme Gun Print and the Karate Kid Movie T-shirt.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all ewe have to offer though. Our range truly is extensive. Why not have a look at our website, and you’ll see we mean what we say? Don’t forget our special offer either: get an extra 10 percent off the price when you order 3 or more items. Whether you’re waxing on or waxing off, feel the force with BBT Clothing – Number 1 for the coolest range of quality T-shirts and belt buckles.


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