Posted: Aug 05 2011
by: BBT Clothing - ([email protected])

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Michael Jackson Belt Buckle
It seems hard to believe it’s over two years since the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, left us. No doubt it came as a shock to many of his worldwide fans, but there was always a sense that the writing was on the wall, and that something unfortunate might happen. Still, looking on the brighter side, he did leave behind an outstanding musical legacy. 13 number one US singles, 13 Grammy awards and estimated worldwide record sales of over 750 million: not bad for a kid from Indiana. It seems kind of fitting therefore that there’s going to be a special tribute concert in his memory later this year at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. The all-star guest list is still to be confirmed, but mum, Katherine, and siblings, LaToya and Tito, seem confident that the gig will be one to remember. So if you’re a diehard fan, you might want to put a note in your diary.

He might be gone, but he certainly won’t be forgotten by either his many fans or BBT Clothing. We’ve got a couple of absolutely fantastic belt buckles which will tick all the boxes for all the Jackson fans out there. We could’ve gone for the obvious ones of course – Thriller, Billie Jean, or Bad, but we thought we’d stick with something more lasting and iconic, after all when you picture Michael Jackson at his pomp, these are exactly the kind of images that spring to mind. So, what are these iconic images that we’ve captured on our 2 belt buckles? Well, we’ve got the dazzling ‘gloved hand’ buckle and the legendary moonwalker logo buckle. We think you’ll agree they sum the man up to a tee. The gloved hand buckle is a beauty, and features a rhinestone gloved hand, holding a microphone with the initials M J on it. Our other Michael Jackson belt buckle is the Moonwalker. As belt buckles go, we think you’ll agree this one’s a belter. It’s a blue buckle and features MJ in the classic Moonwalker pose. If there’s one thing you associate Jackson with, it’s got to be the Moonwalk.

Obviously here at BBT Clothing we understand that Michael may not have been to everyone’s taste. Maybe classic rock and roll’s more your bag, or a bit of heavy metal. Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got plenty in store for you. So if your taste is more Beatles than ‘Billie Jean’, or Guns n Roses than ‘Get it’, we’ve got a buckle to please. Have a look at our website  and you’ll see what we mean.  


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