Posted: Aug 19 2011
by: BBT Clothing - ([email protected])

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No more heroes any more?

Don’t believe all you see and read. America may have lost its triple A status on the world’s lending markets, but we’ve still got our all-American working class anti-heroes, Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin. What more could we ask for? America may not be the economic force it once was, but when it comes to cartoon portrayals of ordinary working class dysfunctional families, it really is second to none. The Simpson and Griffin clans, from Springfield and Quahog respectively, see life in their own unique ways. Their opinions may not always be the correct ones, and certainly would never be regarded as liberal or pc, but we’ve taken them to our hearts.

There really is something there for everyone to identify with: the bumbling dads Homer and Peter, the careworn, yet loyal wives, Marge and Lois, les enfants-terrible Bart and Stewie, the goody-two-shoes girls Lisa and Meg and of course, the dogs, the sweet and fickle Santa’s little helper, and the anthropomorphic, martini-drinking Brian. All have become icons and are now part and parcel of all of our lives. Naturally, BBT Clothing thinks it’s only right and proper that we, too, should pay homage to these cartoon anti-heroes, so we’ve developed our own special range of Simpsons and Griffin T-shirts and belt buckles.

If you fancy getting your hands on some of the coolest Simpson’s T-shirts, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. For those of you who’d rather bury your head in the sand than face up to life’s problems, well, we’ve got the perfect T-shirt - Duff Beer. Homer might think it’s the solution to all of life’s problems, but then again, his home-spun philosophy isn’t always the wisest. Still we’d have to agree that sometimes beer can and does hit the spot. If beer’s not your bag, then you might appreciate our classic, ‘Who’s a good little piggy’ SpiderPig T-shirt. Is it any wonder Homer’s become such a legend?

If you’re a fan of the crazy family from Quahog, Rhode Island, you’ll probably love our range of Family Guy T-shirts. Our current range of t-shirts is based on the Family Guy Trilogy – a spoof /parody of the Star Wars Trilogy. We currently stock our 3 best-selling classic Ts: ‘Come to the dark side – we have cookies!’/ ‘I just sithed my pants’/ Stewie spoiler alert’. All our Family Guy t-shirts are made of quality cotton and are available in a variety of sizes from small to extra large.

If you’re not into cool T-shirts, then fear not. We’ve also got some really awesome Simpson’s belt buckles that might just tickle your fancy. If you’re a big fan of the craziest and most troublesome kid on the block, Bart Simpson, then we’ve got just the buckle for you. Then of course, we can’t forget the beer, can we?  You don’t even have to like beer, but we bet you’ll love this. Our cool Duff Beer buckle, shaped like a bottle top, looks fantastic and is a must for any Simpson’s devotee.

We also stock some really cool Family Guy belt buckles which are proving to be just as popular as our T-shirts. Our Family Guy belt buckle range currently consists of a Stewie belt buckle, an Evil Monkey belt buckle and a Brian Griffin dog buckle.  Why not make a statement and order one of these classic belt buckles? 

Don’t forget we’re still running our special deal of buy any 3 items and get an extra 10 percent discount. Our prices are already amongst the keenest there are, but with offers like that you know it makes sense to buy from us – D’Oh. If you want the coolest and most-competitive Simpson’s beltbuckles and T-Shirts, then BBT Clothing is the place to go to. Have a look at our website and you’ll see what we mean.


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