Posted: Aug 26 2011
by: BBT Clothing - ([email protected])

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Z’ dead, baby – Z’s dead (Butch Coolidge: Pulp Fiction)

Pulp Fiction
Anyone who loves a good gangster movie would be hard-pushed to choose their all-time favourite. There’ve been so many classic films over the years like Goodfellas, Reservoir Dogs or the Usual Suspects, that you’re really spoilt for choice. The guys here at BBT Clothing love gangster films too, so it was difficult to come up with a choice on which we could all agree. However, after much argument, we decided that the best way to judge a film’s worth is by seeing whether it’s been parodied by others: all the best films are spoofed by the likes of the Simpsons, Family Guy and South Park. So the choice was made that little bit easier. In the end we decided our favourite 3 gangster films were Pulp Fiction, Scarface and The Godfather. For us these 3 film-noir classics are the real deal, so to celebrate them, we’ve come up with our own range of super-cool gangster film buckles and T-shirts. We’re sure you’ll agree our range is the real deal too.

When you want to make a statement, nothing beats a cool T-shirt. They tell the world what you like, and where your loyalties lie. So, for all the gangster-loving film buffs out there, we’ve produced 3 real beauties. For Tarantino fans and lovers of neo-noir gangster films, we’ve got a fantastic Jules Winnfield/ Vincent Vega Pulp Fiction T-shirt, quoting probably the most famous piece of dialogue in the film – ‘the path of the righteous man.’ Jules really has to be one of the coolest film gangsters of all time: yes he may have shot a few people, but he always read them some scripture first. Anyway, he eventually saw the light after the ‘miracle’ he was part of.

Tony Montana and Scarface fans are really in for a treat too. We’ve got a superb black and white Al Pacino/ Scarface T-shirt, emblazoned with the immortal words ‘say hello to my little friend’ – that’s right, his gun. Scarface may not have been to everyone’s taste, and even we have to admit it was a little gory, but it broke the mould at the time and set the tone for all future gangster films. We’ve also got a great range of Scarface belt buckles: we stock the Montana Management Company buckle, the Scarface picture buckle, our own Tony Montana buckle, a Scarface loaded revolver gun buckle and finally our ‘say hello to my little friend buckle.’ Granted it’s not quite as threatening as a gun, but it might raise a chuckle or two. We guess it all depends on how self-deprecating you’re prepared to be.

Obviously, no classic film gangster collection would be complete without the daddy of them all, The Godfather. We would never dream of leaving the Corleone family out of the mix. The only problem we had was choosing what we believed to be the most appropriate representation of the classic film. In the end we settled on the generic one, and replicated the original film poster that was used when the original film was released in 1972.

Why not have a look at our cool gangster film T-shirt and belt buckle range on our website We know you’ll love them. What’s more, we’re going to make you an offer you really can’t refuse: buy any 3 items and we’ll give you an extra 10% of the total price. So, no horse’s heads in the bed, or knocks on the door at the dead of night: you won’t have to sleep with fish, just get a great deal and some good old-fashioned value for money. Capiche?


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