Posted: Aug 27 2011
by: BBT Clothing - ([email protected])

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Iron Man: a true super hero

Iron Man
Few superheroes have been as influential as Iron Man. The Marvel Comic crime-fighting hero, Tony Stark, has a list of celebrity supporters as long as one of his metal-clad arms. He’s been canonised in literature and immortalised in song by a variety of musical artists from the Wu-tang Clan to Paul McCartney, Black Sabbath to Razorlight. So, what’s so special about this comic book hero? What sets him apart from the other members of the superhero brethren? We guess the answer to that is that he’s simply the man for all seasons. Call him Mr Versatile if you’d prefer. He’s as comfortable dealing with artificial intelligence as he is with quantum physics, and just refuses to panic. It doesn’t seem to matter what particular crisis he has to face - Communism, terrorism, corporate crime or national security, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is the man for the job. We all love a good old superhero, but BBT Clothing really feels Iron Man is the top of the pile – the ‘numero uno’ of crime-busting superheroes.

It’s should come as no surprise then to find that we’ve got a dedicated Iron Man collection for those who share our passion. We know we’ve got the coolest range of Iron Man T-shirts, and we believe when you see them you’ll have to agree. We stock 5 different classic Iron Man T-shirts: the generic Iron Man comic book cover printed T, the Just Iron Man character T, and the Marvel Extreme Circuit Flying Machine T-shirts in black, grey and samurai white. We believe these really are the coolest looking T-shirts on the market. It you’re looking for an Iron Man belt buckle, you won’t get better than our classic red and yellow Iron Man special buckle. Tony Stark himself would be proud to wear this one. 

So, grab yourself some timeless Iron Man merchandise, and stock up before Iron Man returns in the film version of The Avengers next year. Have a look on our website and see our range for yourselves? We pretty sure you’ll be impressed. Don’t forget if you purchase 3 items or more, we’ll knock another 10 percent of the price. We can’t say fairer than that, can we? It’s a bargain that’s too good to miss. So, go on -wear your cool Iron Man T-shirts with pride.


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