Posted: Sep 02 2011
by: BBT Clothing - ([email protected])

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By Royal appointment to his majesty, McQueen

Skull Belt Buckle
You may have noticed recently that more and more people are wearing clothes, scarves, belts and T-shirts with the skull motives emblazoned all over them. Have you ever wondered why? At BBT Clothing we believe this trend was started by late Alexander McQueen, fashion icon and designer to the stars. Now obviously McQueen is more-readily associated with the ‘bumster’ as they came to be known: that’s the low-slung trouser to you and me that every one under the age of 25 seems to be wearing. Still, his skull print scarves and accessories like rings ad bracelets are still selling like hot cakes over a year after his untimely death. However, there’s a bit of a catch to that. The scarf will set you back at least £150. Not cheap, are they? Now obviously, we like to do our bit to bring fashion to the masses, so we’ve created our own bespoke range of cool skull belts, belt buckles and cool skull T-shirts, but we’ve kept our prices within the reach of those who can’t afford to grace London Fashion Week or shop in Armani. Our skull range is dazzlingly-ghoulish, but reassuringly affordable. We’re pretty sure you’ll like what you see when you look at the website

If you’re on the lookout for a cool skull belt, then you’ll be spoilt for choice. Our range is truly comprehensive.  We can offer you leather belts, snap-on belts, studded belts and reflective belts. For the skull-lovers out there, we stock Skull and Cross belts, Skull and Cross Bone belts and Skull and Snake belts too. If you’d prefer a bit of colour we also have white, black and red skull belts as well as a selection of multi-coloured skull belts and 2 awesome glow-in-the-dark skull belts.

Our skull selection doesn’t stop there either. We also have a superb Punisher skull T-shirt for those who like to make a real statement. As far as belt buckles go, we’ve got some of the coolest skull belt buckles around. Check out our Pirate Skull buckle and our Bullet-shot or Vampire Skull buckles: are they the business, or what? If you’d rather glam up the skull motive and add a little bit of ‘bling’ to proceedings, well we’ve got a couple of beauties for you: our white and black Rhinestone Skull buckles. For the more sentimental and gentle sorts we’ve also got a Skull with Hearts buckle too.

We’re sure you’ll agree that we’ve got the skull angle well-and-truly covered. Don’t forget our special offer is still running. If you buy any 3 products, we’ll knock an extra 10 percent off the price. Now that’s a bargain, is it not?  Our buckles might look scary, but our prices certainly don’t. 


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