Posted: Sep 28 2011
by: BBT Clothing - ([email protected])

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Here come the girls

Girls AC/DC rock T-shirt
If you’ve read any of our latest blogs about our fabulous range of cool T-shirts, belts and buckles, you’d be forgiven for thinking we were only trying to appeal to the male of the species.  Nothing could be further from the truth. We believe in treating everybody equally. So, you won’t just find ‘blokey’ stuff on our website; we’ve made sure of that. BBT Clothing has gone out of its way to make sure that we’ve always got something for the ladies too. That doesn’t mean of course that you can’t help yourself to the other cool stuff we have available right across our range: if you like it bigger and baggier, then go for it as far as we’re concerned. No, what we thought we’d do is show more of our feminine side and let you know about some of the cool and sexy girls T-shirts we stock.

So, what makes our ladies range of T-shirts so different and special? If you’re thinking it’s simply that we’ve made our standard range smaller, think again. We’ve gone back to basics on this one, and made a product that we know you’ll love. Our girls’ range of cool Ts have a different cut and shape and come in colours that we’re sure you’ll appreciate. What’s more, we’ve tried to cater for every conceivable taste and interest too. So if you’re into your heavy metal, we’re sure our girls AD/DC T-shirt will rock your world.  If DC Comics are more your thing, then we’ve got two fantastic T-shirts that should really hit the mark: our Bat Girl t-shirt and our traditional Batman T-shirt, which comes in the usually yellow colour way or is available in bright pink. If you prefer Supergirl, then check out our Supergirl fitted rainbow T-shirt. It’s a real beauty.

If you like your reggae, we stock a great looking Bob Marley skinny-fit T-shirt that we’re sure will have you jamming. Maybe Marilyn Monroe is one of your icons? If so, then we’re sure you’ll appreciate the two special T-shirts we currently have in stock: our iconic pink Marilyn T or our blue and pink Marilyn classic T. For lovers of tattoos, we stock a super-cool pink Miami Ink silver claw T-shirt that will certainly turn heads. If you’d rather see yourself more as a Wonder Woman, then we’ve got just the T-shirt for you. All that’s missing are the shorts and the tights, but we’re afraid you’ll have to supply those yourselves. For those who prefer the cuter things in life, we stock both the Nintendo ‘this princess rescues herself’ T-shirt and the Tweety Pie ‘love is in the air’ T-shirt.

We could go on, but think it best if you look at what we have to offer yourselves. We really have got a fantastic range of T-shirts to choose from. Why not have a look at our website and see for yourselves. Our special offer is still running too, so if you buy any 3 of our products, we’ll knock an extra 10 percent off the price.  So ladies don’t think we never think about you. You’re always in our thoughts. So, come on girls, spoil yourselves.


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