Posted: Oct 14 2011
by: BBT Clothing - ([email protected])

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Like a rhinestone cowboy

3D Rhinestone Belt Buckle
BBT Clothing has always believed in giving its customers what they want, and generally when we make a promise, we stick to it. But, we have to hold our hands up occasionally and accept that there are some things even we can’t deliver. So, if we’re being truthful, we can’t promise to make you into a cowboy, or get you to dress like one: we certainly wouldn’t promise to turn you into Glen Campbell. What we can promise, however, is to supply the rhinestone part of the deal. If you’re looking for that little extra sparkle, or fancy a bit of bling to jazz up your outfit, then we’ve got a fantastic range of the coolest and sparkliest belt buckles you’re likely to find anywhere. Nobody does rhinestones like we do rhinestones.

So, what can we tempt you with? Well, those of you who have bought into the 3D craze that sweeping the nation at the moment, might like to take a look at our own 3D range of belt buckles. We stock the 3D Grenade belt buckle, that’s guaranteed to go down with a bang. We also stock 2 3D Star buckles. These little beauties really shine and are available in either orange or pink if you’d rather connect with your more feminine side. For games lovers, we stock both the 8 Ball rhinestone belt buckle and our very own Ace of Spades buckle. If you’re feeling lucky these could just be the cool belt buckles for you.

Those of you who prefer your sparkle to be more subtle and gentle might just prefer our range of flower and insect belt buckles. We stock a glittering rhinestone Fleur de Lys belt buckle, available in both white and red, as well as a delicate Butterfly rhinestone belt buckle that’s available in pink. If, however, you’re not into subtlety, why not have a look at our cool range of rhinestone biker belt buckles? For those amongst you who were truly born to be wild, then we’ve got a couple of cool buckles that might just float your boat. Firstly, there’s our Knuckleduster belt buckle that will really pack a punch, and secondly there’s our Skull range of rhinestone belt buckles. We stock both an ordinary rhinestone Skull belt buckle which is available in black and white, as well as a Skull and Crossbones rhinestone buckle that even Jack Sparrow would envy.

Don’t forget we’re still running our special offer of buy any 3 items and claim an extra 10 percent discount. Whether you’re into your bling or not, why not have a look at our fantastic range of the coolest belts, buckles and T-shirts on our website  We’re can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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