Posted: Oct 26 2015
by: BeltsBucklesTees Blog

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Funny Slogan T-Shirts

Tired of wearing the same generic t-shirt or polo shirt day after day? Sure you are! So why not mix up your wardrobe with some of the funny slogan shirts offered here at Belts Buckles Tees

Chick Magnet

The Chick Magnet t-shirt is one of my personal favorites. It features the silhouette of a voluptuous woman alongside a powerful magnet. The combination of black, red and yellow colors make this shirt really pop in terms of style and aesthetics. However, it's the hidden, comedic message behind the Chick Magnet shirt that really "draws you in."

As part of our disclaimer, we must warn that wearing this t-shirt may attract women -- and lots of them. Women dig guys who are funny and outgoing, and both of these elements are characterized in this t-shirt. So the next time you are searching for a fun new t-shirt to wear out, give the Chick Magnet shirt a go.


All Great Men Have Mustaches

Well, it's true: all great mean really do have mustaches. Some of the big names that come to mind include Tom Selleck, Charlie Chaplin, Hulk Hogan, Burt Reynolds, and Albert Einstein. If Einstein was smart enough to sport a mustache, shouldn't you be doing the same? The t-shirt presented below features a well-manicured mustache along with the slogan: "All great men have a mustache." It's fun, family-friendly, and looks great on a t-shirt.

Does this mean you shouldn't wear the All Great Men Have Mustaches t-shirt if you don't have a mustache? Not necessarily, as you can still show your love for mustaches with this stylish shirt.

I Have the Body of a God

Another funny slogan t-shirt offered here at Belts Buckles Tees is the I Have the Body of a God shirt. When most people hear this phrase, they assume the individual is muscular, well-toned, and with minimal body fat. After all, aren't most gods envisioned after a perfect physique such as this? It's true that most gods are perceived as having flawless bodies, but the Buddha isn't one of them. Buddha has a couple more inches around his midsection -- something that many of us can relate to. Rather than trying to fight your figure, you should embrace it by sporting the I Have the Body of a God t-shirt. It's a funny way of telling the world that you don't care about your body weight/size, and besides the shirt looks cool.

Which t-shirt is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!


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