Posted: Oct 05 2015
by: BeltsBucklesTees Blog

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Check Out These Belt Buckles for Bikers

No motorcycle riding outfit is complete without a belt buckle. Whether you own a street bike or a chopper, you should invest in a belt buckle (or several) that match your personality. It's an otherwise simple accessory that will make a world of difference in your outfit. But with so many different belt buckles available for sale, how do you know which one to choose?

The Eagle Head Belt Buckle

Made of high-grade alloy metal, the Eagle Head Belt Buckle presented below is the perfect choice for bikers young and old alike. It features a rustic-silver eagle head, complete the subtle details like the beak structure, eyes and feathers. The Eagle Head Belt Buckle embodies freedom and independence, while still maintaining a stylish appearance. And because it's a single, solid color, this belt buckle tends to match just about everything.

Live to Ride-Ride to Live

Another fun and stylish belt buckle for bikers is the Live to Ride-Ride to Live buckle. It features a rider on a chopper-style bike along with the words "Live to Ride-Ride to Live." This phrase has become synonymous among bikers, many of whom follow this mantra in their lives. Of course, it's hard to describe the sheer enjoyment of riding a motorcycle without experiencing it for yourself. Nonetheless, this belt buckle tells the world that you enjoy riding, and that it's an important part of your life.

This isn't the only Live to Ride-Ride to Live belt buckle offered here at BeltBucklesTees. You can browse through some of our alternative buckles by clicking here or by clicking the "Belt Buckles" menu link at the top of the page.

Chequered Flag Belt Buckle

Tired of wearing the same generic belt buckle day after day? Well, maybe you should consider buying the Chequered Flag Belt Buckle. Also made of high-grade alloy metals, it features two side-by-side race flags. It's a simple yet fun design that's sure to improve your biker attire. Like all of the snap-on buckles sold here at BeltsBucklesTees, the Chequered Flag Belt Buckle is snaps directly onto the front of your belt, eliminating the need for complicated hooks.

These are just a few of our featured belt buckles. Be sure to browse through our entire selection for more options. Every biker has his or her unique style, but we are confident that we a belt buckle for you.

Which belt buckle is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!


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