Posted: Sep 14 2015
by: BeltsBucklesTees Blog

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Looking for a New Wallet? We Have You Covered!

A wallet is an essential accessory that most guys (including myself) can't leave home without. It's used to store cash, credit cards, pictures, notes, and more. Unfortunately, most stores sell the same generic leather wallet, offering little in terms of personalization and style. If you are tired of using the same boring wallet day after day, you should check out some of the unique choices offered here at BeltsBucklesTees.

As most Marvel fans may already know, the wallet depicted below features the Hydra logo that's commonly used throughout Marvel's films, comics, and memorabilia. Founded shortly after the Nazi rise around the WWII era, Hydra is a terrorist organization whose sole purpose is to control the world. When Hydra was first formed, however, it developed advanced weapons for the Nazi army. In the years to follow, the members of Hydra developed a strong loyalty to their leader, Johann Schmidt, whom they idolized as a god-like figure. Whether you are a fan of the villainous Hydra or not, there's no denying the fact that this is a brilliant wallet design that really stands out from the rest.

Staying within the Marvel Universe, another fun and innovative wallet offered here at BeltsBucklesTees is the Deadpool wallet. This black leather wallet features the Deadpool face and logo, along with a connected chain. You don't have to worry about anyone pick-pocketing this wallet, as the chain keeps it attached to your waist at all times. Just connect the chain to a belt a loop and you are good to go! And with Deadpool the film expected to hit theaters February 12, 2016, there's no better time than now to show your support for Marvel's top foul-mouthed superhero.

Looking for a wallet that's a little more traditional? Check out the all-back Avengers wallet below. This black leather wallet features a slightly protruding Avengers logo. It's a simple yet appealing design that most guys will appreciate.

Next up on the chopping block is retro-style Super Mario Bros wallet. Arguably, one of the most influential video games of all time, Super Mario Bros raised the bar for developers to follow. This wallet features a design that mimics the default home screen of Super Mario Bros, containing the title, along with "1 Player Game - 2 Player Game" below. The design is even complete the same color scheme and retro background. Can you say awesome?


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