Posted: Sep 02 2015
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Marvel Rumored to be Working on a New Blade Movie

The 1998 action-horror film Blade was arguably one of the best zombie films of its era. Starring the Wesley Snipes as a half vampire, half human hybrid and Stephen Dorf as a vampire leader, it grossed more than $70 million at the U.S. box office and a jaw-dropping $131.2 million worldwide. While the follow-up sequels Blade II and Blade: Trinity brought back Snipes as the hybrid zombie slayer, they ultimately failed to produce the same numbers at the box office.

But the Blade franchise may not be over just yet. There are rumors circulating on the Internet that Marvel is planning to bring Blade back to the big screen after more than a decade of being on hiatus. Marvel had planned to launch a new Blade comic book series last year, offering fans a glimpse back into the animated universe of the hybrid zombie slayer. For some unknown reason, however, Marvel executives announced that they were delaying the release of the new series indefinitely, meaning it's not going to be released for quite some time. This begs the question: why did Marvel feel the need to cancel its Blade comics?

According to the folks at BleedingCool, Marvel postponed the release of the Blade comics because it wanted the comics to coincide with the a new movie project. This would certainly make sense, as executives probably want to ensure the two stories match to some degree and there are no major discrepancies present.

"There has been much talk of new Blade films, given the more recent success of many more Marvel movies, and that the rights had returned to Marvel. And Wesley Snipes has been in talk about returning to the character with Marvel," wrote Rich Johnston of BleedingCool.

What's even more interesting, however, is that the new Blade movie might feature a female-led role instead of Blade. Granted, Wesley Snipes would likely still appear in the film, but sources say it would center around Blade's daughter as she steps in to fill the role of vampire hunter. The synopsis for the comics follows Blade's daughter,  Fallon Grey, who is a sixteen-year-old girl from rural Oregon. Some unforeseen "terror" strikes her home, a force begins to hunt her and she eventually comes to discover who her father is. Will this be the premise for a new Blade movie as well?

Would you be interested in seeing a new female-led Blade movie? Let us know in the comments section below!


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