Posted: Aug 31 2015
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Are You a Tarantino Fan?

Quentin Jerome Tarantino is arguably one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Born March 27, 1963, he's taken the role of movie director, screenwriter, producer and actor. While Tarantino's first work involved screenwriting for True Romance, his career really took off in the 1990s with the release of the independent film Reservoir Dogs. Receiving a 91% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes meter, Reservoir Dogs was an instant hit among critics, placing Tarantino's name on screen for the world to see.

Tarantino's success in Hollywood didn't stop with Reservoir Dogs. He continued to push the envelope while shocking mainstream movie-goers with films like the Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Death Proof, Grindhouse, and Inglorious Bastards. Tarantino has won numerous industry awards, including two Academy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, two BAFTA Awards, as well as dozens of nominations.

If you are a Tarantino fan, you can show your support for this legendary jack-of-all-trades by sporting one of the following t-shirts. BeltsBucklesTees offers a wide variety of Quentin Tarantino shirts and memorabilia, including the iconic "Red Apple Cigarettes" shirt depicted below. Of course, most people wouldn't even recognize this as a Tarantino shirt, simply because it has no distinguishable markings or phrases suggesting that it's related to the iconic director and actor. But that's one of the reasons why this shirt is great: only true die-hard Tarantino fans will recognize it.

Red Apple Cigarettes appear in a number of Tarantino films, some of which include Pulp Fiction, From Dist Till Dawn, Four Rooms, Kill Bill, and Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. Characters in his movies are often seen smoking this fictional brand of cigarettes, and as such, it has become an almost cult-like symbol of Tarantino's films. The next time you sit down to watch a Tarantino flick, pay attention to the brand of cigarettes that characters are smoking. If you can read the label, you'll notice that most are Red Apple, which is why this t-shirt makes the perfect addition to any die-hard Tarantino fan's wardrobe.

If you're looking for a more traditional and recognizable Tarantino shirt, we have you covered. The Pulp Fiction shirt below is perfect for all Tarantino fans. It's actually an image of a promotional poster used to market the director's critically acclaimed thriller. It depicts one of the film's main characters (played by Uma Therman), who's lying on a hotel bed smoking a cigarette.

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