Posted: Aug 21 2015
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Zombi Now Available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

One of the top-rated zombie games on the Nintendo Wii has finally made its way to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Originally released by Ubisoft in 2012, Zombi (previous titled ZombiU) is a first-person action survival game that centers around a group of survivors who are taking refuge in London during the zombie apocalypse. The player takes the role of a survivor who finds their way to a doomsday bunker that's complete with guns, ammunition and various other equipment. Here, it's revealed that the zombie apocalypse is actually part of the "The Black Prophecy," which was first mentioned some 400 years ago by an unnamed person. Zombi follows in the footsteps of many other zombie games, with the player scavenging for supplies while killing the undead.

What's interesting about the release of Zombi on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is that it was originally meant to be an exclusive for the Nintendo Wii U. In fact, the game was even titled ZombiU when it was first released, suggesting that it would be an exclusive. Fast forward to the August 2015, however, and it appears this restriction has been lifted. Now, gamers can purchase and play this unique zombie-themed game on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Because it was released for the Nintendo Wii U, Zombi uses two screens instead of just one. The second screen was used strictly for inventory management and opening doors, as this allowed the player to see whether or not zombies were approaching on the main screen. The Sony PlayStation 4 technically has two screens -- one on the TV and another on the controller -- but this is a feature lacking in the Xbox One.

Owen Hughes of Ubisoft explained that touching the back button on the Xbox One controller will open inventory bags, much like the original Wii U version. However, the player won't be able to see what's in front of him or her since there's no second screen.

"So just by pressing the touchpad or back button on the Xbox you’ll open up your bag and be able to do everything you could from the Gamepad. The game doesn’t pause when you do this so it still kind of gives you that sense of tension. Originally with the Wii version you were looking down, you didn’t know what was going on so but in the new version we’ve kind of blocked your field of view for a little bit," said Owen Hughes of Ubisoft.

Video: Zombi - Pure Survival Horror is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC [EUROPE]

Zombi is available for digital download on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $19.99


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