Posted: Aug 19 2015
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Take a Jounrey Through Time With TARDIS

What would you do if you had the ability to go back in time? Would you visit the prehistoric era to marvel at the dinosaurs? Or maybe you would use this power for good, attempting to stop some of the world's most devastating disasters? Well, those are the kind of questions faced by a rogue Time Lord who goes by the name "The Doctor."

Originally aired November 1963, Doctor Who is a TV series produced by the British Broadcasting Company (BBC). To say the show has become popular would be an understatement. It's largely regarded as one of the most influential shows of all time, going on a full 813 episodes and counting (no, we're not kidding). Doctor Who follows the story of an alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who stole a spaceship with time traveling abilities. Known as Time and Relative Dimension in Space (AKA TARDIS), Doctor Who can traverse through time in the blink of an eye. TARDIS normally takes form of local objects around the setting in which it is traveling, but it has malfunctioned and remains stuck as a British Police Box.

When traveling through time, The Doctor often brings a companion on these journeys. He's become fascinated with Earth and its human inhabitants, developing a strong compassion to help mankind when in trouble. In addition to his time-traveling spaceship TARDIS, The Doctor has another trick up his sleeve: he can regenerate and heal after sustaining injury. This has proven useful in dozens of situations throughout the show, allowing The Doctor to survive incidents that would otherwise prove fatal to us humans. Furthermore, The Doctor can change his appearance and personality to take on the persona of someone entirely new.

But Doctor Who hasn't always received the critical acclaim that it currently boasts. The series was stopped in 1989 due to low ratings. Producers attempted to revive the show in 1996 with a pilot for a made-for-TV film. This ultimately failed, however, forcing producers to go back to the drawing board. Fast forward to 2005 and Doctor Who finally made a successful comeback with a new relaunch, as Russel T Davies took the lead.

There's no better way to show your support for Doctor Who than by wearing one of the many "themed" t-shirts offered here at BeltsBucklesTees. The Doctor Who t-shirt depicted directly below features a mechanical K-9 dog, which has become a regular occurrence in the show. It's a little-known fact, however, that The Doctor didn't acquire K-9 until the 1977 serial The Invisible Enemy. Since then, K-9 has popped up in numerous episodes.

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